Varisia: Rise of the Runelords

Domestic Disputes

The gang was dumbfounded. No matter what they tried to do to Iesha would not stop looking at that mirror. Then Vas had his most brilliant idea. Block her reflection. Bingo.

She took off and started to make her way downstairs. The group cautiously followed, wondering exactly what on earth was going on. She seemed to be after Aldern but they hadn’t seen him yet. When Iesha got to the main floor she began trying to claw her way through the floor. Nothing could stop her, as if she was under a curse. The party decided it was better to see where she was going then leave her in this state. So Eydan handed Worvin his Earthbreaker and smashed in the floor.

Below, a spiral staircase lead deep into the earth. Against their better judgement the party continued to follow. The staircase led down to a series of natural caverns. Eydan had a sudden flash of ghouls swarming them from the darkness . . . then the ghouls actually swarmed them from the darkness. Between Eydan and Worvin’s expert smashery and Vas’s magicks, the ghouls were easily defeated.

That is, until they met them again on a slippery ramp. Vas nearly panicked and fled when both Eydan and Worvin were paralyzed by the ghoul touch. But he kept his cool and held them off until the curse wore off and Worvin went to walloping the wights.

At the bottom of the ramp they entered a room and were surprised to see Aldern Foxglove and his (undead maybe) wife fighting to the death. They mostly decided to just sit back and watch. When Aldern slayed his wife (certainly undead) he turned and quite calmly welcomed the party. He was disappointed to see Eydan was not with them – Eydan was in fact with them, but disguised as a firepelt cougar. After some questioning about the murders, Aldern admitted he was controlled by someone, posessed even. He transformed to a hideous monster and attacked the group. Worvin freed him from the possession with a sword through the heart.

Evidence found on the scene implicated Aldern in some nasty business and made him the heroes’ prime suspect for the murders in Koshepa. They still had a lot of mansion to investigate though and were confident they had only scratched the surface of this mystery . . .



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