Vas Kosa


The story of Vas Kosa…

Most would be surprised to find that this frail, wrinkled body grinning up at them was once a sturdy elf. Now, this ancient being, happily blowing smoke fractals while lazily snacking on Haggis under the shade of a giant oak has somehow found his way into your life. Contrary to the condition of his earthly-warn robes, you can tell Vas has taken extreme care of his silver-red hair. An extraordinarily elaborate, silver braid falls over Vas’s shoulder casting a blue highlight over the aged eyes looking back at you. Eyes with 298 years of collected knowledge and experience.

By now, you know Vas Kosa is the elder in Shalelu Andosana’s life (the missing elven ranger we previously encountered). Based on either the tobacco spilling out of Vas’s pockets, the smell of it on his hands, or because he simply told you, you would know that Vas runs a small tobacco farm ¼ mile from Sandpoint near Egan’s Wood. Goblin raids have recently gotten the better of his crops, and destroyed much of his stock to his despair (not to mention the apparent disappearance of his ‘dear Shalelu’).

He has joined forces with you because he believes you will help him find his granddaughter. And maybe, just maybe to pay back the thieves who took his crops along the way. This shouldn’t take more than a few days, he says. The rest of his story… you may not yet know.


Vas grew up on the outskirts of the Mierani Forest. For the first hundred years of his life, Vas and his brother Kau explored the forest in search for Thassilonian artifacts and monuments, and used to play king of the tower with friends on a massive statue of Lissala. As the two brothers grew, they ventured further and deeper into the Mierani Forest. At the young age of 62, Vas and Kau went treasure hunting in Celwyanvian, but tragedy, not glory, is what they discovered. A small goblin scout party ambushed and killed Vas’ brother, Kau, Vas miraculously escaping in the blind chaos of the struggle.

As the years crept by, more and more elves found sanctuary in the Mierani Forest, Celwyanvian was permanently cut off, Vas attended the Tower of the Stars where he learned to love before fight, learned to think before speak, to look before ask, and to smile before frown. While at the Tower of the Stars, Vas also became one with his ability to perform the magic of Transmutation, and learned many of the ancient histories and secrets of the land he walks. After graduating, Vas married, had two children of his own, and became a tobacco farmer (not the ferocious wizard beast he will be in his final years). While Vas was deeply interested in the ancient mysteries left behind by Xin and the seven runelords, he had a family to protect and provide for.

Like chaos is to Kosa, it has never veered far from Vas’s side. His masterly crafted farm that took him and others 45 years to construct on the outskirts of the Mierani Forest was burnt to a black chard, his lovely wife who he had known for 180 years was killed in one of several giant raids, and his first daughter by orcs. His younger daughter, “the best shot in all of Mierani Forest”, was also captured and killed by goblins, but not before she had a lovely daughter of her own- named Shalelu.

At that time of his life, Vas was near 225 years old, homeless, heartbroken and lost. He was also now the sole provider of the extremely young Shalelu. Vas might have fallen had it not been for a light of hope he found from an equally tragic half-elf. The two scandalously fell in love with each other, and both loved and raised Shalelu as their own.

But the elves of the Mierani Forest would not allow Vas to live in peace with his new found love of ‘corruption and filth’. It was the elves who ended up driving Vas from his small village, out of the Mierani Forest and into the lands of demons and dead. Having never traveled far from his home forest, Vas was happy to be part of a southbound caravan where he was accompanied by an awkwardly shy Oread named Eydan, who Vas caught glancing more than once at Shalelu. Whatever Eydan thinks of Vas’s granddaughter, he seemed to be a sincere man with many talents, and Vas was happy for his presence.

Vas thought he had discovered heaven when the caravan traveled through Egan’s Wood on the outskirts of Sandpoint, where he and his new family were accepted with open arms and bigger smiles. Vas enjoyed the area so much he decided to leave the caravan and settle with his family there.

A few years ago, Vas’s second wife, the half-elf who brought him out of the fog of despair and into the glow of happiness, and most importantly, to his new home in Sandpoint, was killed by a cornered Boggard (on its way out as well, as Vas will happily tell you) while protecting Shalelu. Vas was devastated, but at least he had Shalelu.

With nothing else left in the world other than his tobacco, his magic and his stack of ancient texts, you can see the desperation in Vas’s silver eyes. He has come to take back what was taken from him, he has come in search of his granddaughter. If he does not find her… if he returns empty handed… this ancient elf standing in front of you, happily smoking the long pipe while telling you a joke about some fat guy named Zutha and a bowl of rat chili… he just may totally unravel and embrace the chaos of his name.

Vas Kosa

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