Varisia: Rise of the Runelords

Adventure 2


Murders at the sawmill

Prime suspects:

Star carved into chests
3 men from out of town
Ibor the foreman found the bodies. wasn’t working that night, or so he says.

Search of crime scene at the lumber mill:

Dead Bodies:
Female Body: Katrin Vendor. Dead.
Parker – Mill worker. affixed to wall using hooks. face carved away.
Hand Axe with blood on it stuck in the floor.
Smell of rotten meat on barefoot footprints and on the axe.
Killer (or someone) came up from the water.
Footprints are barefoot human man
Found footprints on the other side of the river that just go up to the beach and back to the water.
Harkin has long clawed finger gouges on body.

From interrogation of Ibor

Wasn’t likely work going on. Katrine and Parker Shaffer were likely just bumpin’ uglies at night.
Seems legit. Probably not the killer. His dad, apparently, will vouch for him.

Checking Harker’s house

Has lots of money. Skimming money, cooking books at the lumbermill.

Investigation of Barn Crime scene

3 con men found dead with stars cut on chests.
Note addressed to Mortwell, Hask & Tabe.
Claw marks on them . . . by people with extraordinarily long nails. bizarre.
Ropes used to bind someone
One person was nailed to the wall
Grace Seveel had been there too and was not killed by the murderer. Went crazy. Has now gone crazy.

Scarnetti conversation

He was condescending and not very happy to be questioned. Said he would’ve done a better job. Noro is convinced he’s not involved.


Brodert Krink gave us a rundown of the thassilonians and their star.



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