Varisia: Rise of the Runelords

Adventure 2.2: Mystery, Meat and Mzombies!

Mystery, Meat and Mzombies!

The day began like any other. Or rather, it began like few others. No others, really.

Eydan, Worvin and Vas met at the Sheriff’s office to make a game plan to solve these murders. Eydan was especially motivated – he was baffled at his implication in the crime. They searched low and high . . . low, that is, as the docks in sandpoint harbor, and high as the sky above the Old Light. Most of their leads turned up as dead ends though. At the end of the day they had two ideas – investigate the town trash heap or go to the sanatorium a few miles outside of town to interview a crazy witness. They went with option 2.

I know what your’e thinking . . . and you’re kind of dismissive and belittling for things so . . but wouldn’t you EXPECT to find a bunch of crazy at a sanatorium? Well, sir, that’s exactly what the Heroes of Sandpoint found. Their witness was near death, and when a concerned Eydan approached, he was accosted. First verbally; He told Eydan that he was wanted at a place called The Misgivings, and that if he “joined the pack” he could even HAVE the misgivings. Good, maybe? Well, then he was physically accosted. And when Worvin saved his butt, Ol’ Habe the Sanitoriometrist started acting fishy.

Next thing we knew a necromancer and his band of zombies were attacking. Kind of out of nowhere. But then Worvin knocked on through a window and the fun began. Worvin got his eyes poked out by magic, while Eydan got his strength sucked out and Vas barfed out of both ends. The heroes fought on and won, killing the necromancer and his spawn. Vas and Eydan chased Habe up the stairs. They passed an escaped patient but didn’t really care.

However, that escaped patient may be causing problems for ol’ Worvin, still recovering on the first floor . . .



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