Varisia: Rise of the Runelords

Adventure 2.3: Foxglove Manor

. . . and, with a wild but inspired slash of his sword, Worvin scared off the wererat and the dangers of Habe’s Sanatorium were over. However, there was still a lot to explore. Vas and Eydan apprehended Habe & Gormick then went downstairs to check on Worvin. The Heroes decided it would be best to check out the basement before leaving. You don’t want to leave a couple zombie loose. So they led the blind Worvin downstairs ready to do battle.

However, no battle was to be had. The basement, a necromancers lab, was deserted. They did, however, find some interesting magic items and the necromancer’s spellbook. The spellbook had notes written in it about Thassilon, and even had some drawings of the now ubiquitous seven-pointed-star. Vas thought it could link the necromancer to the murders in town, but it seemed circumstatial at best. Besides, the necromancer is dead and they had better leads now.

After securing Habe & Gormick, Vas and Eydan led Worvin back to Sandpoint to get some healing and meet with the Sheriff.

And then Eydan ran out of time to finish the journal, for the Forbidden Enchiladas of Kor-Kar’taal were ready for dinner.



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