Varisia: Rise of the Runelords

Adventure 2.4 - Foxglove Manor

our mission to bring justice to the randomly gruesome killings at Sand Point led us to the Foxglove manor, known as “The Misgivings” in other circles.. Aldren Foxglove however has not welcomed us with open arms. Infact, nobody has at all. The place is a disaster and apparently haunted by at least one ghost. and several billion undead raven. Inside all of us have had strange visions and experiences, sometimes causing danger to the party. In particular we are reliving the horrifying experiences of Mrs Foxglove.

We have cleared the main level of the home, and decided up is safer than down, so up we have ventured upstairs. As we continued our search, all three of us gradually have become aware of a women quietly weeping for help- we are coming.



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