The heroes met Gogmurt in the thistle maze outside of Thistletop. They bested him in battle and Gogmurt surrendered. He provided them with vital information regarding thistletop and it’s denizens. The heroes let him go.

Things he said . . .

*Warchief Ripnugget is enthralled with the taller folk, specifically a white-haired, angry woman – likely Nualia) – with a torn belly.
*RIpnugget has been placing strange trust in this woman.
*Gogmurt has been distancing himself, not wanting to be tainted.
*White haired woman planned raid on sandpoint
*Quiet Human Man, Bruthazmus the Bugbear, a dark-skinned violent woman who’s used fire to scorch goblins
*A male half-elf who plays the flute and seems too happy (Tsuto)



Varisia: Rise of the Runelords RJP